Unexpectedly, This Food Contains Cyanide Toxins

Some time ago, Indonesian people were rocked by murder cases that were allegedly using cyanide poison. However, cyanide can actually be found naturally in some types of fruit and food ingredients. Cyanide is a chemical compound consisting of elements carbon (C) and nitrogen (N). This compound is in the form of gas, liquid, or solid. The aroma is said to resemble raw almonds, but not everyone can detect this scent. Cyanide can be formed naturally or made by humans, and has very strong toxic properties and works quickly. Cyanide can also be produced by several types of bacteria, fungi and algae found in a number of plants, seeds, and certain fruits. Thus, it can be interpreted that there are a number of foods containing cyanide that can cause cyanide poisoning, if consumed in the wrong way. A lethal dose of cyanide is 1-2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Even so, even smaller doses of cyanide can be harmful to the heart and brain, and can even cause coma and death. Symptoms o
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